December 2-3

Lori Hayes will be selling and signing books at the Waterfowl Festival in Harkers Island, and the Beaufort Holiday Market December 16th in Beaufort, NC. Come by to see her! She'd love to meet you!

01 January 2013

Lori Hayes will be selling and signing books July 6

The Search by Lori Hayes


Well written and a page turner!

Between the suspense of Claire's search for her father who had abandoned her, the chilling night stranded on a deserted island, and the love triangle Claire finds herself unable to resist, the enchantment and charm of the North Carolina coast had me hooked from page one. Some how a small town's limitations justified Jeff's settling for the wrong woman. I just loved this book and am eagerly awaiting Book Two of the series. Good job Lori Hayes!

Coffee Break

Coffee Break is the second book in the Crystal Coast Series, but again, you can read them out of order because it is a full novel. If you like the taste of coffee, the salt on your lips, or the feel of the breeze on your face as you're running or sailing, you'll love this novel.

Coffee Break by Lori Hayes


A must read!

I think everyone should read this book! From the moment I started reading I couldn't put it down. I even stayed up late to finish it. The author did a fantastic job of telling a love story and keeping me guessing all the way through to the end. Just when I thought I knew how it was going to end, the plot turned and I was drawn in even further. The way she tied all the pieces together kept me captivated. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read and a happy ending. I cant wait to read the next book!

The Crystal Coast series is set on the NC coast in a small town called Big Cat. While Big Cat is a figment of Lori's imagination, it is based on a combination of the town of Beaufort, NC and Swansboro, NC.  The characters visit a small, wild island--Pony Island, which is taken after Shackleford Banks, NC--within a boat ride away through the coastal waters filled with a marshy view. Pony Island has approximately 120 wild horses that roam the dunes, claiming their territory in herds. Come visit the island with Lori!

The Search is the first book in the Crystal Coast series, but don't worry, you can read them out of order because they are a full novel. The series takes place on a small coastal island where the salty breeze fills your lungs, wild horses wander the dunes, and a hint of mystery teases your senses.

The Search

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