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Lori Hayes also writes kids' horse books under the name Lisa Morgan (


Coffee Break by Lori Hayes


The Search by Lori Hayes

A Crystal Coast Novel--Book One


The pounding hooves of betrayal have battered photographer Claire Kincaid’s trust in men. After her mother’s death, Claire’s desire for family leads her to the coast to find her long-lost father. Instead, she finds herself stranded on an island with a threatening storm, a suspicious man roaming the dunes, and a dangerous confrontation with a wild stallion. When wildlife biologist and park ranger Jeff Rhoades, who is engaged to Claire’s popular landlady, is sent to rescue Claire, he discovers his attraction to Claire makes him question his commitment to his fiancée. To make matters worse, he secretly searches for her father, against her will. Good intentions go wrong, and he unravels a dubious and hurtful past. An island of secrets is untangled along with the mystery of a horse whisperer who lurks in the horses’ shadows. The more Claire searches for answers, the more she discovers that an old truth never existed.

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The Search by Lori Hayes
Coffee Break by Lori Hayes. A Crystal Coast Novel
The Search by Lori Hayes

Lori Hayes writes contemporary romance and romantic women's fiction. She promises to deliver a happy ending in exchange for your much-appreciated time reading her novels.

She lives with her family in North Carolina, and while she hopes to someday say she lives near the beach, right now she is a short drive from the ocean. She thinks it's important to focus on what you have and to appreciate the small things around you, like the tang of salt in the air. For then it becomes possible for your dreams to come true, like her dream of writing and to be published.

She thanks her mother for her career. One day her mom planted the seed for Lori to be a writer, and it took hold. And as her grandfather always said, Stop talking about it and do something. So she did. While her son took afternoon naps, she sat down and started her first novel.

Quickly she learned it wasn't so easy. She bought every book she could find on the subject, and to this day she's still buying books to study. She believes life is one lesson made up of many shorter ones. Tell the story of your own life and it will come to fruition. She's living proof.

The Search by Lori Hayes. A Crystal Coast Novel

AUTHOR of coastal love stories

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Coffee Break by Lori Hayes

Coffee Break by Lori Hayes

​A Crystal Coast Novel--Book Two

Tension begins to percolate when coffee shop owner, Jenni Stallings, struggles to keep the doors of her beloved shop open. She wants to earn her dying father’s approval, to convince him that she is financially secure so he can die peacefully. She also strives to win the marathon, Run for the Horses, to benefit the nearby wild islander ponies. When bank vice president and old high school crush, Scott Botticelli, temporarily moves back to the small, seaside town, he threatens to reject her much-needed loan. When he takes up running, she realizes he has rediscovered his passion for the sport, and for her. Despite the fact he holds the power to squelch her dreams, a romantic interest starts to brew between them. Always the determined competitor no matter the game, Jenni finds herself facing her failing business, her father’s mortality, and the race of her life–against the man she loves.  

Coffee Break offers a rich blend of romance in a cozy, small-town setting, with a light flavor of wild horses. We hope you enjoy reading the book.